What are premium Donuts domains?

Premium Donuts domains are considered registry premium domains. This means they are a select list of domain names that are sold at a premium price by the registry. Donuts, the central registry for these domains, charges a premium registration price due to the estimated higher value of the domain name.

The premium price will be applied to the registration, renewal, and transfer price of the domain name. Premium domains are often memorable and can be a great investment. Some examples of premium domains are 1, 2, and 3 character domains as well as one word domains.

You can see if a domain is a Donuts domain by going to that domain's page and checking the "Registry" section of the "Domain Information" table (click on the domain from our TLD list). You can also see a list of our Donuts domains on our blog post about their Early Access General Availability period (you will need to scroll down). Please note that domains purchased during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period have regular renewal and transfer pricing despite having higher registration pricing during that period unless the domain you purchase during the Early Access period is a premium domain.

Please note that premium prices are subject to change per the registry. This applies to registration, renewal, and transfer pricing.