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What is Early Access General Availability?

Early Access General Availability is a special period that is available for certain new TLDs before they officially launch into General Availability. Typically, this period lasts about a week and offers registrants the opportunity to register a domain name at a premium price before the official launch. The premium price is adjusted almost daily with the first day being the highest price and the last day being the lowest price (though the pricing is still higher than the general pricing will be at launch). Interested individuals, organizations, businesses, and others can register names on a first-come, first-served, non-restricted basis.

Whether a new TLD participates in an Early Access Period is up to the central registry. Both Donuts and Rightside new TLDs typically have an Early Access Period before launch. For Donuts TLDs, each day of Early Access will begin at 16:00 UTC and end at 16:00 UTC the following calendar day. Rightside TLDs will start and end at 17:00 UTC. The hour will match the launch date hour shown on the TLD page.

The following Early Access Period price table applies to Donuts and Rightside's program pricing only (and is subject to change per the registry):

Day 1$12,000
Day 2$3,000
Day 3$1,200
Day 4$600
Day 5-7$150 or $225

Domains registered during Early Access Period are non-refundable and cannot be grace deleted. Domains registered during Donuts' or Rightside's Early Access Period have regular renewal and transfer pricing.

To see if a domain is under the Donuts or Rightside central registry, visit that domain's TLD page and check the "Registry" section under the "Domain Information" table.

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