What are Whois contact records?

Contact records are collections of contact information created to be displayed in the public Whois directory. Please note that if you do not want your contact record information to be available in the Whois directory, you will need to add domain privacy (this can be added with a registration or transfer, or added to a domain in your Dynadot account as long as domain privacy is allowed).

When you first create your account, your account information is used to create your Whois contact record. However, from then on it is separate from your account information and must be updated separately from your account information (i.e. when you update your account information, it does not affect your Whois contact record). Find out more about the difference between account information and contact records.

You can edit your contact record as well as create a new contact record within your Dynadot account. You can also select a default Whois contact record to use with future domain registrations and transfers. Find out how to see which contact records your domains are using for the Whois directory.

Please keep in mind that all contact records must contain accurate information as stated in our Service Agreement.