How do I install or reinstall my Alpha SSL certificate?

After you purchase or renew an Alpha SSL certificate and verify your order, you will need to install or reinstall the certificate by following the instructions on Alpha SSL's website:

  1. Under the "Installation Instructions" section, click on the #3 "Install SSL Certificate" link.
  2. Select your webserver from the list for exact instructions.
  3. Depending on your webserver, you will need your Alpha SSL certificate code, which can be found in your Dynadot account under the "SSL" tab. Click on the domain and the code will be at the very top of the page under "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----".

Be sure to read through all of the instructions on Alpha SSL's support page, as some webservers may have certain requirements to complete the installation. For example, some webservers require you to stop Apache and restart it after installation. If you do not know how to do this, you will need to contact your web host before you install.