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  • When should I renew my .AT domain name?

    Unlike most top-level domains (TLDs), .AT domains only allow you to register 1 year at a time. For this reason, you can't renew your .AT domain more than 1 year out from its expiration date and .AT domains must be renewed at least 5 days before their expiration date.If you do not renew your .AT domain within this timeline, the domain will be removed from your Dynadot account and transferred into control of Nic.AT, the .AT central registry. If this happens, you will need to renew the domain directly through the central registry.

  • How do I cancel my .AT domain?

    Unlike most top-level domains (TLDs), you can't just let your .AT domain expire if you no longer want it.Instead, you must explicitly cancel your .AT domain by submitting a completed .AT Cancellation Form to us at least 5 days before the domain expires. If the form is not sent by then and you do not renew the domain with us, Nic.AT, the .AT central registry, will attempt to collect the renewal fees from you directly. At this time, if you do not want to keep the domain, you may be able to cancel it directly with Nic.AT.Want to keep your .AT domain? Make sure you know when to renew your .AT domain, so you don't lose it!

  • What is the "Change Holder" document for .AT domain trades?

    The "Change Holder" document is a form that the .AT domain's central registry requires us to collect from you whenever the registrant is changed to another individual or organization. It can be downloaded here. The document must be signed by both the old and new registrant and be submitted when a .AT trade order is placed.If the registrant holder is still the same person, but you want to change, for example, the country, or if the domain remains under the same organization, but you want to change the contact person name, please fill out this form instead. Please submit this document when you place your .AT trade order.

  • Why do I have to enter a "Registrant" for .AT domains?

    Nic.at, the central registry for .AT, requires that a registrant is set when a domain is registered. You can specify an organization, person's name, or both. If you specify a person's name, it must be between 2 and 5 words in length, with at least 2 of the words longer than 2 characters.NOTE: The registrant can only be changed by placing a .AT domain trade order along with submitting a change holder document signed by both the current registrant and new registrant.

  • How do I change the registrant for my .AT domain?

    When you register a .AT domain, you are required to enter a registrant. To change the registrant (owner) of a .AT domain, you can place a .AT domain trade order in your Dynadot account. You will also need to submit a change holder document signed by both the current registrant and new registrant.

  • How do I create a trade order for an .AT domain?

    When you registered your .AT domain, you had to enter a "Registrant." This information cannot just be changed in your Dynadot account as with most domain extensions. Instead, you must create a trade order. To do so, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Manage Domains" from the "My Domains" drop-down menu. Find and click on the link for your actual .AT domain name. Scroll down to the "AT Trade" box. You can begin your trade order on this page.

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