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What is a referral code and where do I find mine?

A referral code is a type of word of mouth marketing that includes a unique code used to incentivize users to become brand advocates through social sharing. These users also benefit from the sharing process. These referral codes are offered to users to encourage sharing a tool, service, or platform with friends, family, or connections through a social network in exchange for great offers or discounts. Referral codes are typically beneficial to both the user sharing the code with their audience, and to the user receiving the code as well - making it a win-win for both parties.

How do referral codes work?

Referral codes have a referrer and a receiver, where the referrer will typically provide either a link or a code to a user or audience (receivers) to use. When they redeem the code, the receiver (and referrer, depending on the referral code) is rewarded. This code or link is commonly tracked by whomever created the referral code to ensure that the associated referrer/receiver are properly accommodated.

Dynadot Referral Code

The Dynadot referral code is a unique number assigned to your account which can be used to refer your friends or family to Dynadot and get rewarded! When you refer a friend to Dynadot, they get $5 of account credit when they set up their free account with us. Then, when they place their first order*, you also get a $5 account credit!

Where do I Find My Referral Code

To find your referral code in your Dynadot account, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Dynadot account.
  2. Select "My Info" from the left-side menu bar and click "Refer-a-Friend" from the drop-down.
  3. Your referral code will be displayed on this page. You can also see your past referrals here.

How do I use my Referral Code

To share your referral code, you can either manually send your code to your friends to be entered when they create their accounts or share a custom link on social media to easily allow your friends to earn the account credit.

To share your referral code on social media:

  1. Sign in to your Dynadot account
  2. Visit our Refer-a-Friend page where you can share your custom link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or via email.

*NOTE: Referral orders must be placed within 48 hours and be at least $9.99.

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New to Dynadot?

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Need technical support or have a question? Reach out to our support team or visit our help pages for more information.

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