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What German domain extensions do you support?

We support several German TLDs or top-level domain extensions. Most are new TLDs that have recently been released.

  • .DE - Germany's country code domain (ccTLD).
  • .BERLIN - City domain for Berlin, Germany's capital city. See more city TLDs.
  • .COLOGNE & .KOELN - City domain for Cologne (English version)/Koeln (German version).
  • .RUHR - Regional domain for the Ruhrgebiet or "Ruhr" Region. See more regional TLDs.
  • .GMBH - GmbH is the abbreviation for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, which is German for "company with limited liability." See more business TLDs.
  • .HAUS - Domain for real estate websites specifically focused on buying, selling, and renting homes. "Haus" is German for "home". See more home-related TLDs.
  • .IM - Used as short for "immobilien" in German, which means real estate or property.
  • .IMMO - Also used as short for "immobilien" in German, which means real estate or property.
  • .IMMOBILIEN - Domain for real estate websites. "Immobilien" is German for "real estate" or "property". See more real estate TLDs.
  • .JETZT - Domain for German news websites. "Jetzt" is a synonym of "nu," which means "now" in German. See more news related TLDs.
  • .KAUFEN - Domain for German retail shops. "Kaufen" means "to buy" in German. See more shopping related TLDs.
  • .REISEN - Domain for German travel websites. "Reisen" is German for "travel". See more travel related TLDs.
  • .SCHULE - Domain for educational institutes and schools. "Schule" is "school" in German. See more education TLDs.

See our full list of TLDs that we support.

We also have many other TLDs that support domain names in German. Check out our IDN page to see the languages supported by our TLDs.

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