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About the .IM Domain

The .IM domain is the country code (ccTLD) of the Isle of Man, a part of the British Isles. However, because anyone can buy a .IM domain, it has become popular around the world. .IM domains are great for personal websites because .IM can stand for the English contraction for "I am", or "I'm". Are you a Star Wars fan? Perfect for Yoda Grammar, .IM domains are! We all know Yoda's famous "backwards" quotes. Use them as inspiration and buy a .IM domain such as,, or even the more everyday or

Businesses also buy .IM domains! The .IM domain has been used extensively by real estate companies in German, French, and Italian speaking countries because the .IM domain is short for real estate, or "immobilien" in German, "immobilier" in French, and "immobiliare" in Italian. Companies that produce instant messaging - or IM - software also buy .IM domains, since they just happen to be the right abbreviation.

The .IM domain extension is also a great option for domain hacks because there are so many words that end in im. Although domains such as,, and may already be taken, all you need to do is get creative. If you have a dating (, weight loss ( or sports ( website, buying a .IM domain hack may be right for you. Even if you already have an established website on another top-level domain (TLD), you can buy your .IM domain hack for your custom short link. .IM is even one of the few domains that you can register with as little as two characters. There are still a lot of .IM domains available, so buy your .IM domain today!

Protect Your Brand with a .IM Domain

We recommend buying your .IM domain name to protect your brand. If you don't register it, someone else will and it will be much more difficult and expensive to get a domain once it is already owned. If you don't want to set up a separate website, you can simply use your .IM domain to redirect traffic back to your main website with our free domain forwarding. On the flip side, if you buy your .IM domain for your main website, we recommend considering other TLDs that would make sense to register. Once you buy your .IM domain name, you should also register common misspellings to catch that traffic and redirect it to your main .IM domain.

About the Isle of Man, Home of the .IM Domain

The Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. It is considered a self-governing British Crown Dependency with Queen Elizabeth II as its current head of state with the title "Lord of Mann". It has an area of 221 square miles (572 square km) and a population of over 84,000. The Isle of Man's official languages are English and Manx, also known as Manx Gaelic.

Thinking of visiting the home of .IM? Check out our Isle of Man Travel Guide! If you're looking for adventure, the Isle of Man offers "manxtreme" sports including mountain biking, sea kayaking and something called coasteering. It's also got castles (including haunted ones) and even a cat sanctuary featuring its famous Manx cat!

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Domain Information

Introduced 1996
Usage Personal & Real Estate Website
Renewal Grace Period 25 Days
Deletion Grace Period 4-5  Days
Privacy Allowed No
IDN Supported No
DNSSEC Supported No
Type Country
Restrictions None
Registry Domicilium
Wikipedia Entry wiki
Registration Price (1 year) $39.99
Renewal Price (1 year) $39.99
Transfer Price $39.99
Restore Allowed No

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