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.BERLIN ist fur alle Berliner! - Only $54.25

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.BERLIN is for all Berliners! If you live in Berlin, Germany's capital city, then this new top-level domain (TLD) is for you! For businesses, .BERLIN is a great way to get your business online and show off that you're local. With .BERLIN, customers will know where you're located right in your URL! For Berliners looking to start a personal site or blog, .BERLIN offers you a unique domain extension as well as more opportunity to find the right domain name for you! No matter what type of website you're looking to start, .BERLIN will help you get started and show off your Berlin pride!

Not every city has its own domain extension! Take advantage and register your .BERLIN domain while you can. Since it's new, you'll have more opportunity to register a domain name you really want. Then, once you've found your perfect .BERLIN domain, don't forget to consider purchasing your domain name on other extensions that make sense such as Germany's .DE.




This TLD supports premium domains. Please note that premium domains have different pricing.

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International .BERLIN Domains

.BERLIN supports internationalized domain names (IDNs) in German! Use our IDN search to find and register the right German .BERLIN domain name now!

.BERLIN Domain Restrictions

Every natural person, legal entity, organization or group of persons is entitled to register and use a domain under the .BERLIN TLD royalty provided they can show that they have an economic, cultural, historical, social, or other connection to the German capital, Berlin, demonstrable by:

  • Their place of residence or secondary residence, seat or place of business, subsidiary or permanent establishment in Berlin, or
  • a contact with a seat in Berlin, with an entry in the Whois database, or
  • some other suitable proof such as a certificate provided by an employer, enrollment at a school or higher education institute, or a birth certificate.

For more information, check out our .BERLIN FAQs in our help files.

About Berlin, the Home of .BERLIN

Berlin is the capital of Germany, which is located in western-central Europe. Berlin is the largest city in Germany and the second most populous with a population of 3.4 million people as of 2013. German is the official language of the city, though Berlin is an international city with many residents from other countries. Its economy is mainly based on the service sector with other significant industries being IT, pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, electronics, traffic engineering, and renewable energy. Berlin has also become known for high tech start ups. Berlin's economy is valued at roughly $100 billion as of 2011.

Domain Information

UsageBerlin Websites
Renewal Grace Period40 Days
Deletion Grace Period5  Days
Restore Period30  Days
Privacy AllowedNo
IDN SupportedYes, See Languages
DNSSEC SupportedYes
RestrictionsConnection to Berlin
Wikipedia EntryWikipedia
Registration Price (1 year)$54.25
Renewal Price (1 year)$54.25
Transfer Price$54.25
Restore Price$240.99

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