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trunks posted:
Hello. I've already read DNS FAQ.

It seems that Dynadot nameservers don't allow NS records, only A and CNAME, right? Is there any other solution to replace it?

My idea is to configure a handful of subdomains manually, and then redirect * to my host nameservers, and use cPanel automatic DNS configs.

Currently I have no direct access to host nameservers config, just by cPanel or opening a ticket. They have followed my requests, but it's good to have direct control sometimes. And doing NS records over * I can merge manual control and automatic cPanel control as needed.

And with only 20 subdomains available, being able to use other namserver to control more subdomains is a must.

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teamdynadot posted:
To add a Name Server, please follow these steps:

How do I set my name servers for my domain?

To set your name servers, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Dynadot account.
  2. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down.
  3. Check the box next to your domain name(s) and click on the "Bulk Action" button.
  4. Choose "DNS Settings" from the "Bulk Action" list.
  5. On the DNS page, select the "Name Servers" setting from the top drop-down menu.
  6. There are two ways to set name servers:
    - If you are adding new name servers, select "Enter new or existing Name Servers" from your list of choices and enter your new name servers in the provided fields.
    - If you are using existing name servers, move down to the "Select from your Name Servers" option and choose the name servers from your existing list.
  7. Press the "Save Name Server" button to save your changes.

Please be aware that it might take some time for your name server changes to propagate.

From Help Section: Account Management > Domain Settings > How do I set my name servers for my d...
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trunks posted:
That's not what I mean.

In exemple:

- uses Dynadot nameservers to resolve
- uses Dynadot nameservers to resolve
- * request comes to Dynadot nameservers, which says to call
- so comes to Dynadot, is redirected to, and is resolved to an IP

NS is a kind of record, like A an CNAME
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teamdynadot posted:
We will look into possibly adding NS Records.
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rafal replied teamdynadot :
Any update on that?
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teamdynadot replied rafal :
Thanks for your attention on this issue. Unfortunately, we didn't have many requests on the NS records from our customers. We will list it to our future feature requests though. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Any movement on this? This is a record type I need as well.
ReplyQuote3/19/2018 14:45
No, sorry, we don't have an update on if/when this will be added.
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