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  • How do I log into my VPS Hosting?

    You can log into your VPS Hosting server using SSH. To SSH into your VPS, please follow these steps: Open up a terminal window. Use the following command: ssh [enter your IP address here] -l root You may receive a warning message the first time you login. You can answer "yes" to move forward. Enter your password when prompted. You are now logged into your VPS server. NOTE: You can find your VPS IP address and password in the "VPS Hosting Created" email you received after your order completed.

  • How do I restart MySQL in my Ubuntu VPS Hosting?

    To restart MySQL in your Ubuntu VPS Hosting, log in as root and enter the following command: sudo service mysql restart

  • How do I renew my Email plan?

    You can easily renew your Email plan(s) right from within your Dynadot account. Please follow these steps to renew: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Hosting" from the left-side menu bar. Check the box next to the website(s) you want to renew. Click the "Renew" button. The item will be added to your shopping cart at the top left corner of the page. To checkout, click on the shopping cart and then click the "Check Out" button. Our system will take you through the check out process to submit your order. You will receive an "Order Complete" email from us when your order has finished processing and your hosting has been successfully renewed. If your Email package expires, your email will go down. Make sure that doesn't happen by setting up auto-renew for your Email plan!

  • How do I reset my zPanel login password for VPS Hosting?

    zPanel is just one of our the many free web hosting control panels you can use with our VPS Hosting. You can reset your zPanel login password by running a shell command through an SSH tunnel. To reset the password, log in as root and enter the following (without the brackets): /etc/zpanel/panel/bin/setzadmin --set "[your_new_password]"; How do I set my domain to use zPanel with my VPS Hosting?

  • How do I set up my Email plan in Mac Mail?

    To set up your Email plan in Mac Mail, please follow these steps: Retrieve your POP3 and SMTP settings. Do not forget to enable remote access. Open up your Mac Mail program. Select the option to Add Other Mail Account and press the "Continue" button. Enter in your email address and password and press the "Create" button. The account will need to be manually configured. Press "Next" to move to the next screen. Select either "POP" or “IMAP” and enter your details as shown below. Then, press the "Next" button. Enter in your SMTP details as shown below. Please make sure to enter your complete username and password, though the app may say it is optional. Then, press the "Create" button. Your email should begin working immediately. Note: This tutorial has been written using Mac Mail version 7.3 Want to set up your Email Hosting email on another platform? Check out these additional instructions: iPhone iPad Gmail Microsoft Outlook Thunderbird

  • How do I switch my control panel template for my VPS Hosting?

    When you purchase our VPS Hosting, you are asked to choose from a drop down that includes the following options: CentOS 6.7 with Sentora CentOS 6.7 Ubuntu 12.04 Ubuntu 12.04 with LAMP Ubuntu 12.04 with Wordress CentOS 6.5 with ZPanel If you want to change your selection, you can do so from with your Dynadot account by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select “My Hosting” from the left-side menu bar. Click on your domain name (it should be a link). Scroll down to "VPS Control", you'll need to unlock your account. Once unlocked, you should see a drop down menu with the same options listed above. Before you can select a new control panel option, you will need to shut down your VPS. Then, hit the "Rebuild" button to apply your changes. How do I obtain my Sentora or zPanel passwords for my VPS Hosting?

  • Can my VPS Hosting controls be accessed through my Dynadot account?

    Yes, you can perform VPS Hosting functions such as Shutdown, Startup, Reboot, and Rebuild directly through your Dynadot account. To do this, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Hosting" from the left-side menu bar. Click on your VPS Hosting plan (should be a blue link). Scroll down to "VPS Control", you will be prompted to unlock your account if it is not unlocked already. Once unlocked, you will see your VPS Hosting controls under the "VPS Control" section. How do I restore my VPS from a backup? How do I rebuild my VPS?

  • How do I create new users in my VPS Hosting?

    To create a new user in your VPS Hosting, please follow these steps: log in as root and enter: useradd [username] To set the password for this user, enter: passwd [username] Re-enter your new password to confirm.

  • Do your services use cPanel?

    Although we don't have any services that specifically use cPanel, you can choose to add it to our VPS Hosting. Our VPS Hosting offers users all the benefits of a dedicated server without the cost and gives users the ability to install any control panel they want, including cPanel. If you want to use cPanel with our VPS Hosting, please be aware that cPanel is not free and will require you to purchase a license. As an alternative, we do offer multiple free templates with Sentora, zPanel, and WordPress pre-installed. NOTE: We used to use cPanel with our Advanced Web Hosting, but we have since discontinued this product.

  • Are there any limitations to your web hosting plans?

    We currently offer two types of web hosting. Each of our options has its pros and cons depending on your hosting needs. Here are a few limitations to our web hosting packages. Our Email Hosting can be used for unlimited email accounts as well as a website; however: Email Hosting is only for simple, static HTML websites. PHP and MySQL databases are not supported. You cannot upload and run scripts, and there is no cgi-bin with existing scrips like formmail. There is no shell access to your account (e.g. using SSH or telnet). Spam websites, adult content, or illegal content are not allowed. Our VPS Hosting gives you the benefit of a dedicated server without the cost; however: VPS Hosting is for more advanced users who have some technical skills and experience with building a website. It is an unmanaged service, meaning that users will be expected to manage their own software installations and troubleshoot any issues on their own. Spam websites, adult content, or illegal content are not allowed. Not sure if web hosting is right for you? Check out our easy-to-use, intuitive Website Builder that requires no coding! Try it for free or upgrade to get more tools including email!



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