Can I transfer my expired domain to another registrar?

While we strongly recommend initiating your domain transfer at least 2 weeks prior to its expiration date, it is sometimes possible to transfer an expired domain. Our support team will have to move your expired domain to "active" status before you will be able to retrieve your authorization code, so please contact our team with the request at info@dynadot.com from the primary email address on file with your account as soon as possible.

If transferring a domain after it has expired, you will need to make sure to complete the transfer before the Renewal Grace Period ends. This is typically 40 days after a domain expires. After a domain has been unlocked, it will automatically re-lock again when the domain enters the final 2 days of its renewal grace period and will need to be renewed before it can be unlocked again.

Please note: Not all expired domains can be transferred. Domains that have entered the "Redemption Period" will need to be restored before they can be transferred. Most expired ccTLDs cannot be transferred at all.