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Getting Started With Domain Investing

Getting Started With Domain Investing

Aleksandra Vukovic
Mar 15, 2024 • 8 min read

It’s common to question getting into any new type of investing strategy, and domain investing is no different. It can feel intimidating and overwhelming before jumping into it, especially when your money may be on the line. But jumping into domain investing doesn’t have to feel this way. Why? Because it can actually be an exciting process, and in today's digital era, every business needs a domain and needs to be present on the internet to grow and develop - which means tons of opportunity for investors.

Whether you're eyeing domain investing as a full-time gig or a side hustle, it’s important to get ready to invest some time in understanding the ropes. Despite the many tools available to assist you in your new financial adventure, domain investing can be complex and confusing at the beginning, yet can end up being quite fun and rewarding. But don’t worry; we are here to break down domain investing into simple steps and give you tips on how to create your domain investing strategy.


Before you start: What are domain names, and what is domain investing?

Imagine domain names as neighborhood addresses but on the internet. Just like your home has a street address, websites have domain names. These names are like digital signposts, guiding you to your favorite online destinations. A domain name has two parts: the name you type into the address bar (like "Dynadot") and the extension (like ".com," ".net," or ".org") giving context to the website type. 


Choosing a business domain name is equally important as choosing a business name – it should be memorable, unique, and ideally not already owned by someone else. Finding the perfect domain name is the first step in establishing an online identity. Luckily, there are many tools available to assist us in this process, such as our Domain Suggestion Tool. If you are into AI and wondering if there are AI tools to help you find the right domain name, AI Domain Search is the answer. All industries are affected by AI technology, and the domain investing industry isn’t an exception. 


Domain investing is simply buying and selling domains for a profit. The key is to find valuable domains with the potential to buy them low and sell them high. Domain investing is not about buying domains for personal use; domain investors buy them and sell them as digital real estate. Just like investing in property, domain investors invest in domains with the hope that their value will skyrocket over time.


Are domains a good investment?

While reading about domain investing, you'll encounter numerous success stories that speak to the potential for immense profits. Consider the jaw-dropping sales of for $872 million or for $345 million—these transactions rank as the most expensive domain deals ever recorded. However, beyond these headline-grabbing figures lies a massive community of people making money with a strategy of “less is more” by buying cheaper domains and reselling them, or utilizing one of the various investing strategies out there. While notable domain sales are mentioned, such occurrences aren’t common. Similar to other branches, million-dollar transactions are relatively rare. Sustainable success hinges on staying informed and updated with market news. 


Buying and selling domains is like playing Monopoly in the online world. You snatch up valuable digital properties, sit back, and watch the demand soar if you land on the right domain name. With platforms like our aftermarket serving as a benchmark for commonly sold domain names, there's a wealth of opportunities for lucrative investments waiting to be seized. You can explore the domain marketplace, where you can discover valuable domain names and integrate them into your investing strategy. 


Crafting your domain investing strategy

There are many ways for you to make steps towards becoming a domain investor, but they all mostly start with domain acquisition. In many cases, you can choose between purchasing new domains that are still available through a domain search or by searching through a domain aftermarket to find an attractive domain that’s already registered. It’s not certain which one will bring more profit, as there are plenty of opportunities with each one. If you decide to start investing in an unregistered domain, Dynadot can help you with its registration.

Strategic planning is not just beneficial—it's strongly recommended, especially if you're contemplating investment moves. Here are three common domain investing strategies to guide you:

  • Domain Flipping - Acquire at a Low Price, Sell at a Higher
  • Creating Value - Employ the Content Commitment Strategy
  • Domain Parking - Implement a Continuous Revenue Strategy


1. Domain Flipping - Acquire for Low, Sell for High

This strategy implies developing a keen eye for spotting undervalued domains which you can buy at a low cost and resell at a higher price. Some specifics of this strategy are that it requires a strong foundation of domain evaluation. It is important to monitor aftermarkets to seize opportunities. After gaining a lot of knowledge in this area, more of these opportunities will arise. 


2. Creating Value - Content Commitment Strategy

The Content Commitment Strategy involves acquiring a domain name, setting up hosting, and working on creating a high-quality website, leveraging it for profit through various monetization tactics. After investing some time in this tactic you can enjoy the fruits of a consistent revenue stream and/or optional higher profit from selling these domain names. Domains can even be used for personal or business objectives, offering a less risky investment strategy. However, executing this strategy requires a planning mindset, long-term effort, patience, careful domain selection, and creativity. 

If you are applying this strategy, you can make a profit in on-site advertising, affiliate programs, and enhancing a domain's authority for increased value. While creating value is a safer avenue for domain aftermarket sales, it's not an immediate profit strategy; it still requires time and effort.


3. Domain Parking - Continuous Revenue Strategy

The Continuous Revenue Strategy of utilizing domain parking involves setting domains with pre-existing traffic to parking status and placing ads on the parking page to earn revenue. This could be done without using it for a website by simply setting it up via DNS settings. If you’re looking for a passive income with consistent monthly revenue, this is a strategy for you. The way this works is: ads are shown in the domain’s parking page and income is generated for any users who click on the ads displayed. The challenging part is finding domains that fit the strategy, as it can be a time-consuming process. The domains selected must be high-value if you are aiming for a decent monthly revenue.

Domain investing for beginners is a bit complex, but try to begin by setting up your budget and thinking of how much time you have for it. If you ask yourself those questions: How much money do I want to invest? And - How much time do I have? It can help you decide what strategy to choose. If you still have some doubts on how to go through this process we have a detailed domain investing guide to assist you.


Where can I buy a domain? 


There are various sources for you to buy a domain, and here are some options:

  1. Registrars: After deciding on which domain to buy, you can go ahead and register it with a domain registrar. There are many established and trustworthy domain registrars where you can do that, and good advice is to always check if the company is ICANN accredited. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the global Internet's domain name system, IP address allocation, and other unique identifiers to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet. Dynadot is proudly ICANN - accredited and you can register your domain with us. 
  2. Domain marketplaces: Various companies specialize in selling domains and provide alternative avenues to acquire them. They connect buyers and sellers and offer lists of domains for you. Domains are sold over auctions, where you can place your bid and try your luck. This is one of the most exciting parts of investing. 
  3. Individuals or companies: Buying a domain from an individual or a company is also an option. You can contact them directly, communicate with them, and try to negotiate the price. 


How can I sell a domain? 

The most secure way to sell your domain name is through a verified domain marketplace. Domain registrars sometimes offer a service of the registration of domain names and usually support supplementary features such as domain investing auctions to facilitate the sale of your domain. Acting as intermediaries in the domain market, registrars like Dynadot play a crucial role in expediting the selling and purchasing of domain names. Registrars can enhance the speed and profitability of your domain sales. Furthermore, they serve as secure and user-friendly mediators, bridging the gap between you and potential buyers.


While you can buy domains, you can also sell your domain by yourself. To do this, you can promote your domain through social media, forums, and relevant communities to increase visibility. Respond promptly to inquiries, negotiate a fair price, and use a secure domain transfer service to complete the transaction.


In conclusion

If you still need more information to navigate this dynamic field, our comprehensive Domain Investing Guide is at your disposal. It's designed to provide you with essential tools and a broader understanding of domain investing. In the guide's "Before you buy" section, you'll find helpful tips on important things like defining your investing strategy, planning your moves, and managing expenses. Even after you've purchased domains, we're here to assist you throughout the process of effectively selling them. Have the courage to venture into domain investing, and you'll discover a wealth of opportunities awaiting your exploration.


After deciding to step into domain investing, don’t get carried away with the getting-rich-overnight stories. Domain investing takes time and often requires persistent effort but guarantees fun when you start to make some leeway. There is no perfect formula for success, but it is proven that going over and beyond in your research and investing through time multiplies your profit.

Aleksandra Vukovic
Content Marketing Associate

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