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Blog With Power With 5 Of The Best Domain Extensions for Bloggers : Get Started Today : Blog Crossword Image
5 Of The Best Domain Extensions for Blog Websites in 2016!
Barry Coughlan
Jul 20, 2016 • 6 min read

One of the interesting aspects of a blog is that it is amongst the few types of websites in which the writer is front and centre. In a time when the anonymous web means that websites are built to serve everyone, when a blog truly reflects the writer it can seem to speak almost exclusively to the reader. That personal touch, evident in the writing can be also be reflected in the domain name, which can act as a great branding tool when trying to promote ones blog. Thanks to to the new influx of gTLDs (generic top-level domains), the possibilities for creating the perfect domain name for your blog are endless. So before you start your blog, or if you're looking to rebrand your existing blog, check out 5 of the best gTLDs for blogs in 2016!


5 of the best TLDs for your blog




When you've got something to say and you need to say it now, .LIVE is a great TLD for communicating the immediacy of your blog. It is perfect for bloggers who provide frequent updates or blog on a subject that is forever fluid and changing. With a .LIVE domain you can make your blog a breaking news hit. Ideal for news and industry blogs.

Sale: .LIVE on sale right now for only $8.99, until 9/30/2016 23:59 UTC!






If you blog about your own personal experiences or if you have a writing style that can't help but make you the star of your chosen topic, a .ME tells your readers everything they need to know about your blog, right in the domain name. A good tip for bloggers would be to register your name in a .ME and control all aspects of your personal branding right from the URL. It's rare to get such a personal slice of the Internet, but with a .ME you can create an online home for your blog! Ideal for personal and artist blogs.

Sale: .ME is on sale right now for only $8.99, until 12/31/16 23:59 UTC!






Still the industry champion, .COM is the most recognizable TLD around the world. When you put your blog on a .COM you are telling the world that you are joining the club with the highest membership! A lot of successful blogs have been built on the reputation of .COM, so instant recognition and familiarity is what your readers will notice right away. Ideal for blog publications and review blogs.






A blog is essentially your own online space to say whatever you want. So with a .SPACE domain you get to tell the world what space your blog occupies right from the domain name. The great thing about a .SPACE is that it can be however you want it to be, so get creative! Ideal for personal and project blogs.

Sale: .SPACE is on sale right now for only $1.99, until 10/31/16 23:59 UTC!






Much like a .ME, a .NAME domain can be a great domain to brand the blogger as a brand. What's interesting about a .NAME domain is that you can register whatever "name" you want. A nickname, screen name, pseudonym, or any other name is up for grabs! Is the title of your blog key to capturing readers? Then go ahead and register the title as the name. Or maybe you want to own the voice on a whole topic? A .NAME can be whatever you want! Ideal for personal and interview blogs.

Post by Barry Coughlan





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