Catatan Perubahan

Pembaruan dan fitur baru untuk produk dan layanan Dynadot.

November 2023
Panel Pengguna
Security PIN Update
Our 'Birthday' account lock system has been replaced by a 4-digit security PIN used to unlock your account. By default, your security PIN will match your previously set birthday in the following format: month/day (MMDD).

Maret 2023
Panel Pengguna
Ask AI Control Panel Tool Launched
Released our new Ask AI tool, which can be used to gain marketing insights for domains under your Dynadot account.

November 2022
Panel Pengguna
New Credit Card Management System
In our user control panel under 'Payments' -> 'Credit Cards', a new credit card management system has been added. You can click the 'Manage Use' button beside credit cards listed on this page to make quick adjustments to Dynadot payments attached to that credit card.
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