What is domain privacy?

As an ICANN Accredited domain registrar, Dynadot must follow the rules set forth by ICANN, the regulatory body responsible for managing the domain name system (DNS). One of these requirements is to collect personal contact information including your email address, phone number, and mailing address with each domain registered with us. This information is then made available in the public Whois database.

Since the Whois database is a public database, spammers and scammers often use it to create contact lists. With our domain privacy service, your personal contact information is protected because we replace it with our own! Then, we filter any messages, mail, or email you receive, deleting any spam and forwarding actual messages on to you. See more info on our Domain Privacy page.

Not sure if your contact information is listed in the Whois directory? You can do a Whois lookup for your domain to find out. Then, if needed, you can easily add privacy to an existing domain in your Dynadot account.

Please note that not all domain extensions support domain privacy. See a list of domains that do not allow privacy.