Domain Privacy

Your personal information is protected

When someone does a Whois lookup for your domain, your name, personal email address, phone number, and mailing address are all replaced with Dynadot's domain privacy contact information. We take care of forwarding any correspondence to you - but only after we filter out any spam or junk mail!

Private Domain Registration - Domain Privacy Service from Dynadot

What Is Domain Privacy?

When you register a domain, ICANN, the non-profit regulatory body that is responsible for managing the domain name system (DNS), requires that your personal contact information including your email address, phone number, and mailing address be placed into a Whois database that is publicly available online. This gives anyone - including spammers and scammers - the ability to easily find your personal contact information simply by doing a Whois lookup on your domain.

Not sure what contact information is being shown in the Whois for your domain? Do a Whois lookup in the public Whois database for your domain now!

How Do I Register a Private Domain?

Registering a private domain with Dynadot is easy! Use the search bar above to find the domain or domains you'd like to register. You'll see a checkbox for domain privacy at the top of our domain search page. Simply check off domain privacy and add it along with the domain or domains you are registering to your cart.

Transferring a private domain to Dynadot is also easy! You'll see a checkbox to add domain privacy right on our transfer page. Simply enter in the domain you'd like to transfer, add the authorization code, check the box to add our domain privacy service, and hit the transfer button.

Do you already have your domain registered with us? Don't worry! You can easily add our domain privacy service to your domain or domains right from inside your Dynadot account.

Domain Privacy Protects You From Spam

Spammers and scammers often use the public Whois database to create their lists. Protect yourself with our Whois privacy, so spammers and scammers send their correspondence to us instead of you!

Mail Protection

All mail we receive on your behalf is opened and filtered for spam. Anything that is not spam is scanned and emailed to you at your account email.

E-Mail Protection

All email we receive on your behalf is filtered for spam and only messages that aren't spam are forwarded on to you via your account email.

Phone Protection

All calls we receive on your behalf are sent to our voice mail system. Any message that is not spam is emailed as an attachment to your account email.

Due to central registry restrictions, not all top-level domains (TLDs) allow private domain registrations. See our TLD page for a full list of our top-level domain offerings and their domain privacy restrictions.

Domain Extensions That Do Not Allow Privacy