What is a domain preorder?

We offer preorders for new TLDs that have not yet launched. Placing a preorder allows you the opportunity to try and register the domain name you want right when the new TLD launches.

When you place a preorder with us, your order will remain open until the new TLD you ordered launches. On the launch date, we will attempt to register the domain name you ordered. If we are unable to register the domain you ordered, you receive an account credit.


  • A preorder is not the same as an order made during the New TLD's Sunrise or Landrush periods. We do not support the new TLD Sunrise or Landrush periods (in most cases).
  • We only accept 1 preorder (must be paid) for each domain. First come, first serve.
  • Preordered domains cannot be grace deleted.
  • Preorders may be cancelled by our system if there is a trademark claim in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).
  • Preorders may be cancelled if the preordered domain, initially quoted at normal pricing, is later determined to be a registry premium domain. (This is set by the central registry.) Registry premium domains are sold at a higher cost than normal domains.
  • Preorders for domains that are marked as restricted or reserved cannot be registered. We will make every effort to keep our preorder search accurate, but due to the sheer volume of new TLDs being released, our preorder search may not have the most current reserved list.