Can I register domains through Dynadot during a new TLD's Landrush period?

Landrush period is a special period during which registration for a new TLD that has not yet launched is available either to a special group or at a special (usually premium) price. In most cases no, we do not support registrations during a new TLD's Landrush period.

The exception to this is Verisign's new IDN versions of .COM and .NET, which so far includes .コム, .닷컴, .닷넷, and will have more to come. We will be participating in both the Priority Access Period and the Landrush Period that follows the TLD's Priority Access Period.

For those new TLDs that we don't support Landrush for, you can instead place a preorder with us before the TLD has launched. Then, our system will attempt to register that domain name for you right when the new TLD launches.