Which TLDs are supported in your backorder system?

You can place a backorder for a domain that is about to be re-released to the public in our marketplace. While we support numerous backorder TLDs (top-level domains), Dynadot does not drop catch our full list of TLDs that are available for domain registration. We frequently add new TLDs to our supported backorder TLDs list. View our up-to-date list below or visit our backorder page and click the dropdown menu to see the full list.

We support backorders for many TLDs including:

.com .net .org .info .tv .cc .biz .io .me
.sh .ac .us .bz .ag .mn .lc .vc .sc
.mobi .pro .red .blue .black .pink .green .kim .organic
.lgbt .poker .vote .promo .archi .bio .ski .com.co .net.co
.nom.co.cn .中国 .xyz .xxx .adult .porn .sex .global
.asia .eco .vegas .onl .pr .ca .bet .co .com.cn
.net.cn .org.cn .voto .移动 .shiksha .gg.je

What is a backorder, aka drop catch?

How do I place a backorder request for a pending delete domain?