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Forums -> Payment Issues -> how long does it take for processing time?
i_b_s_berkane_ma posted:
i have just purchased a new domain but i still have "pending order ".
I want to know how long does it take ?? is it too long ?
if it is, can u speed up the process plz  , it s really urgent .because  i need it for event which is happening this week .
here is my order id :2452901
i'll be very grateful  :)
ReplyQuote12/13/2013 18:48
I'm also waiting 7days passed, what a service !
ReplyQuote12/15/2013 09:06
teamdynadot posted:

Thank you for verifying.  Your order was completed yesterday.  

@ y_b_meissonier_dz:

Looks like we requested a telephone verification on this order which has not been completed.  That is why the order is still pending. You can still verify so that we can process the order for you, but it looks like you've already reversed the payment with PayPal.
ReplyQuote12/15/2013 15:38
Same Problem here, I purchased a new domain name yesterday and it is still processing, I have made a payment with paypal, please verify as quick as possible as this is urgent,
ReplyQuote12/29/2013 02:11
teamdynadot posted:
We have replied to your other post and email.
ReplyQuote12/29/2013 17:21
m_khulna_bd posted:
I also have same problem. Can you please active my domain Please?
ReplyQuote1/2/2014 03:47
teamdynadot posted:

You must complete the verification before we can finish processing the order.  If you need the verification email resent, please email [email protected]
ReplyQuote1/2/2014 16:54
my order id 2541588
i purchase Hosting, but still its showing 'Processing'
how long will it take ??? more?

ReplyQuote3/3/2014 10:52
teamdynadot posted:
Your order was also pending verification, but it looks like you completed it.  Thanks!
ReplyQuote3/4/2014 11:57
I'm also experiencing the same issue. My domain is still pending and need it approved as soon as possible.
ReplyQuote12/5/2016 15:34
Would you please inform me when the funds that are in process will be available on my account so that I can pay for a domain.
I used my friend's paypal and please inform me the kind of approval you need either from me or my friend to credit my account with the funds asap.
ReplyQuote12/16/2016 05:34