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yakronos posted:

Are the nameservers down?  I can't ping my hostname and the ip lookup page is saying that it can't reach the nameservers. -- Thanks,
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teamdynadot posted:
Apologies for the delay. Our records show that your domain is set to third party name servers. You would need to contact your web host provider to determine any issue with these servers. However, your current settings are showing as configured properly. When you had posted your question originally, you had only recently set the name servers. It may have just required more time for the update to take effect. Propagation can take up to 48 hours.
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So are you going to come back and address the actual problem with Dynadot's own nameservers being down, which they are, regardless of whatever the original poster's situation is?
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A lot of my websites whose DNS are hosted by dynadot are going down since the past 4 hours. The nameservers and are showing as "Nameserver is unreachable." on the DNS lookup for the domains. Is this a known issue?
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I am also experiencing issues with Dynadot nameservers... my domains have been unstable for the last several hours.  dig queries on ns1 and ns2 timeout most attempts, and my domains only intermittently resolve.  This is a critical outage... Dynadot support support chat says "Chat Busy"...
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I'm experiencing same at the moment
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Same here.  I'm getting intermittent issues connecting to my server (External Server, Dynadot DNS).  The domains/dns I have at other registrars connecting to servers in the same datacenter have no issues.  Luckily these are just my test servers.

There is definitely an issue with Dynadot's DNS servers as far as I can see.  If I do a DNS trace, I get the following results:

Sending request to "" (
Timeout waiting for response
Sending request to "" (
Timeout waiting for response
Sending request to "" (
Timeout waiting for response
Sending request to "" (
Timeout waiting for response
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Can the dynadot support please acknowledge this as an issue and if anyone is working on it?
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i_m_lviv_ua posted:
Switched to dns...
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how quickly did your nameservers transfer..?
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Can't really tell. It seems like they did so gradually. Some online checkers still show "DNS Lookup Error".
I now decided to switch to Google Cloud DNS as a permanent safer solution. It's also faster.
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I'm guessing it can take up to 6 hours for the whole network to know that I've switched DNS. As I'm seeing 6hrs as TTL for SOA and NS records in Google Cloud DNS for example. "A" records are 5 min, and they used to be 5 min here for me, but I'm guessing that in this case NS and SOA are the ones that matter. Although, I don't really know. If anyone knows, please, tell.

It's far from being the first Dynadot's DNS downtime.. I should have known better than to move nameservers back to Dynadot some time ago. It takes them sometimes many many hours to fix such things (DDOS, I suppose?), so I'd recommend to switch ASAP and not wait for a fix.
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down for me as well!!! WTF I naver had that with GoDaddy
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NO MX record  found. No emails. Loosing clients!!!
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I didn't even consider that.
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i_m_lviv_ua posted:
Still, nameserver info seems to not get resolved in many places of the world by random.
For future, decided to use nameservers from multiple companies. And to transfer my main websites from Dynadot..

Edit: not a 100% certain that the info didn't update everywhere, though, as it might be that the online checker service I used show same for Google and Facebook which is certainly untrue.
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For me all of my websites are still down/unreachable.
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ricardojones posted:
They won't even reply to my ticket.
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