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i_m_lviv_ua posted:
Experiencing DNS downtime for domains and other that are served by Dynadot DNS.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:06
chrisceo posted:
Same here also. Their ns1 and ns2 are non-responsive.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:25
Same here also.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:27
chrisceo posted:
Looks like their DNS is with Amazon and MTR testing to ns1/ns2 is showing packet loss/downtime
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:30
yorkshireaps posted:
Many of our domains are also not resolving.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:51
nubscrub posted:
+1 for the same issue.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:55
nocola posted:
1+ for the same issue.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 10:59
It's coming back online now, but Dynadot committed the unpardonable sin ... no communication. No status page, no reply in the forum, no tweets, no answer at the support number, nothing.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 11:01
i_m_lviv_ua posted:
True story.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 11:24
aagpro posted:
Same here.  20+ domain affected for me.  Very unhappy with the support and communication (or lack thereof)
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 11:30
aagpro posted:
And, no, it's not coming back online - at least for me.
ReplyQuote2/20/2016 11:35