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Learn .HOW to Launch Your Online .SPACE Domain! - Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

Learn .HOW to Launch Your Online .SPACE!

Robyn Norgan
Jan 28, 2015 • 3 min read

How do you get to space? Well, that's a little out of our expertise. What's not out of our expertise, however, is how to get .SPACE, which, along with .HOW, is one of our newest TLDs now available for registration! That's right, as of today, you can register .HOW and .SPACE, and, dare we say, you can create your own space online. But how, you ask? Let us tell you why first...





People want to express themselves on an online space that is unique to them and what's more unique than owning your own .SPACE! The .SPACE domain is a canvas for self-starters and enthusiasts to express and share the panorama of their passion, ideas, and talents with the world. Take your website to infinity and beyond with .SPACE!







How are you going to get your website started? With .HOW, of course! More people search for "how" than for any of the five "Ws" - who, what, where, when, and why. The .HOW domain is a place for thinkers, tinkerers, and knowledge seekers to explore everything for "how do" to "how to."

Okay, now that we've answered the why, let's look at the how. Since both of these new TLDs are now in general availability (aka not sunrise, landrush, or early access), you can register them at regular price simply by clicking on the title above of the domain you want to register. Then, search for your dream domain and register it. It's as simple as that! What are you waiting for? You'll have the most opportunity to find the domain name you really want on their launch day, so search for your .SPACE and .HOW now!

Image is of the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch and is courtesy of

Robyn Norgan Spaceballs Shirt - Evil will always triumph because good is dumb
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, whose favorite space movie is, of course, the classic Spaceballs (which is quoted on her awesome shirt above saying, "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb"). Check out a clip of it below (and don't forget to watch the whole thing if you haven't seen it) and then don't forget to search for your domain at ludicrous speed to make sure you get the one you want!





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