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Control Panel Update: Ask AI Domain Tool

Brett McKay
Mar 24, 2023 • 3 min read

It’s undeniable that AI is having a profound effect on evolving technologies and it's starting to shake up industries. From image generation and copywriting to answering questions and solving tasks, it’s becoming much more prominent and commonplace - either behind the scenes in tools/services or through direct engagement with the AI itself. 

We wanted to utilize the power of AI to support our customer’s objectives, and so we created our new Ask AI tool! The latest update to our user control panel adds new functionality to assist domain owners with generating ideas to promote and sell their domain names.

What is our Ask AI tool?

Our Ask AI tool allows any Dynadot user to gather information to help market their domain names. Through this new feature, you can ask various questions to our AI assistant to gain insight into a specific domain’s target audience, get a marketing description of a domain, and have the tool take a look at a domain’s history. Currently, there are four questions/insights available to ask our AI companion:

1) Who can I sell this domain to?

2) Write a sales description for the domain name.

3) What is the history of the domain name.

4) Write a poem about the domain name.


Each of the questions/insights above can help elevate how you position your domain name and offer unique perspectives to help you succeed as an investor or user who just wants to sell their domain. Who knows, perhaps writing a poem about your domain name will spark some additional creativity to help your domain stand out!


How does it work?

Using our Ask AI tool is very simple to use. When you’re in your control panel, just follow these steps:

1) In your control panel, visit the ‘Manage Domains’ page under the ‘My Domains’ sidebar menu option.

2) Locate a domain name you want to use the Ask AI tool on within your domain list. The domain must not be expired in order to use our tool. Click on the domain name to open the individual domain management page.

3) At the top of this page, you will see an ‘Ask AI’ button. You can use that button to ask any of the four questions listed above.


Dynadot control panel showing the Ask AI tool for the domain


We hope you find our tool helpful when considering who to sell your domain to and it helps you discover ways you can position your domain to assist with the selling process! If you have any feedback or ideas on this tool or others on our platform, you can submit them through our 'Feature Request' page found in the Dynadot website navigation under ‘Support’. If there are any issues you encounter, please let our team know by contacting us.

Brett McKay
Marketing Associate

Comments (1)
May 17, 2023 12:37am
AI doesn't understand IDN and writes something like ''"xn--**.xn--*" is a unique and memorable domain name...'.
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Download the app: