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Dynadot Aftermarket Updates – Last Chance Domain Auction

Brett McKay
Aug 20, 2020

At Dynadot, we are constantly working on adding new tools to our platform and upgrading existing ones to improve overall user experience. One of our main focuses this year has been on our aftermarket tools and features. We’ve been looking for opportunities to expand and improve certain areas that would be beneficial for users that participate in our aftermarket. Today, we’ll be diving into our first of three updates featured on our blog: our new ‘Last Chance Domain Auctions’. Over the rest of the summer, we’ll be releasing two additional blogs focusing on other aftermarket updates we’ve been working hard on and the advantages that they will provide to our aftermarket users.

Last Chance Domain Auctions



Our last chance domain auction provides you access to new auctions for domains that were unsuccessfully acquired from Dynadot's other aftermarket auctions. This gives Dynadot users another opportunity to register valuable domain names before they return to the open registration market, where it’s potentially more difficult to predict when the domain will be available and how quickly the domain will be registered. With these new auctions, we wanted to ensure that we maintain our auction integrity and fairness by allowing users a second chance to register domains that were not handed off during previous auctions. Be sure to monitor the last chance auctions page for great domain opportunities you may have previously missed or were not successful in acquiring to attempt to add them to your portfolio!


Dynadot’s last chance auction is a relist auction. Domains that are won through our other aftermarket auctions occasionally do not move to the auction winner's account due to a variety of reasons such as: abuse, fraud or the payment was not fulfilled. Instead of these domains being unavailable for other users to bid on, they will now be listed on our last chance auctions page.

Participating in a last chance auction is just as easy as using our other aftermarket auction pages: simply visit the last chance domain auctions page, search through the auction listings/filter the list based on the provided options and click the name of the domain you are interested in. On the following page, just enter your bid amount, click the checkbox for the service agreement and place your bid.


Additional notes regarding our last chance domain auctions:

  • Domains will be auctioned for 7 days starting from the time the domain is listed. You can view the start and end time by clicking on a domain name in the auction list.

  • Many features from our other auction pages are also applied to our last chance auctions. This includes: using proxy bids to automatically place bids for you, reviewing the estimated price of domains calculated by Estibot (a domain appraisal tool commonly found throughout the domain industry), reviewing the bid history of an auction and placing domains on your watchlist to monitor.

  • If you win an auction, you will have approximately 3 days to complete the payment. Once you have successfully paid, the domain will be added to your Dynadot account.

  • Domains won through this auction will be in a “Auction Lock” status for approximately 15 days.

  • Auctions that are won through the last chance auction will not be renewed. Domains retain their original expiry date.

We hope you enjoy our new last chance domain auctions! Keep your eyes open on the auctions page for exciting domain acquisition opportunities. If you have any questions about our last chance auctions system, please visit our help page or reach out to our support team and we would be happy to assist.

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Download the app: