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5 Questions To Help You Decide Which Domain Name To Buy
5 Questions To Help You Decide Which Domain Name To Buy
Swati Maheshwari
Feb 8, 2018
Buying a domain name is like investing in a home (for your website). You have to be sure, and then super sure about your decision. Why? It's because through your online address, people will identify who you are, what you do, where you stay, how good you might be at what you do, and so on. Thus, domain name selection is a crucial decision and one that needs time, effort, and creativity. Sounds complicated? Worry not, we've got you covered!

Here are 5 questions that are guaranteed to help you find the one that's meant for you!

Question 1: Why do I need a domain name?

Sounds like a simple, innocent question, right? It really is. So, start with answering if it's for your blog or business, domain redirect or custom branded links. If it's for your blog, it should be about you or what your blog will be. If it's for your new business, it better be cutting-edge and one that will make your competitor, customers, and stake-holders' heads turn and twist all the way.

Now, if it's for a domain redirect, the decision will depend completely on what you want to redirect this to. Your LinkedIn profile? Make it professional. Your Github page? Make it interesting. An important inner page on your business website? Make it promotional.

Thought starters:

  • is a suitable name for Christina's blog.

  • is great for a real estate business in Dallas.

  • is awesome for a redirect to Arnold's Github page.

Question 2: What do I plan to do with this domain name?

You might think this question is like the first one. You are wrong! What this question means is to ask if you are in it for the long run. Do you want to use this domain name for years to come?

If you are looking for a domain name for a short-term project you want to make live, you can do with a descriptive name. If you want the domain name to build a brand (for yourself or for your business), the domain name should promise to be a game changer for the industry.

Thought starters:

  • is a cool domain name for Mark and Carol's wedding. You can be sure it will be easily available, right?

  • is a brilliant domain name that is meant to own the category. Don't you think?

Question 3: Will this domain name serve me in the future?

This question asks if it's worth investing money in your domain name. Should you invest in a high-value domain name? Will it serve you in the future if you chose a domain name that is a 'category killer'?

Your aspirations for the 'purpose' of your domain name will decide your aspirations for your domain name too.

Thought starters:

  • is a domain name purchased by Google for its Google My Business program worldwide. Why did they choose to invest in it? Because it serves their program well – today and way into the future. Big decision, right?

  •, the domain name that was purchased for $201,250, is meant to be a category killer in its space. Totally worth it for the online casino industry.

Question 4: Will I be able to grow with this domain name?

If you purchase a domain name such as "", you have to be absolutely sure that you wouldn't venture into any motorbikes, scooters, and cycles in the future. If you aren't sure, it's better to invest in a more broad-based domain name.

Thought starters:

  • is a good name for road trips that are inclusive of cars, bikes, and more!

  • is a game-changer for a business that can potentially venture into bags, belts, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, scarves...or even mobile accessories. The list is endless.

Question 5: Does this domain name make me stand out from the crowd?

You have the option to make a statement with your domain name. Use every letter in your domain name in a way that empowers your online presence. How? Choose a domain extension that defines you. It will also work in your favor as an SEO keyword rich domain name. It's because if your domain name is called "" and you get backlinks to the anchor text "laptop store", the search engines will get a positive signal about the authenticity of your website. The result? You will rank higher in organic searches (assuming you have relevant and original content on your website).

Thought starters:

  • is a great name for a Chicago bakery store.

  • is an amazing name for a service that helps other grow their business online.

We will leave you with these 5 questions to think about the next time you are buying a domain name!

Guest Post by Swati Maheshwari, Radix Registry

Guest Post by Swati Maheshwari, Content Marketing Manager, Radix

Swati Maheshwari leads Content Marketing at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions such as .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .FUN and .HOST. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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