New & Improved Pricing For Premium 2 & 3 Character .WS Domains!

Annabel Maw
Feb 21, 2016

Good news, everyone! .WS has just launched new renewal and transfer pricing for 2 and 3 character premium domains! .WS has been gaining popularity around the world, especially since "WS" can stand for "WebSite" and "WorldSite" and it supports all languages! Now, because of its growing customer following, the prices for premium 2 and 3 character new domain registrations have changed - for the better! New 2 and 3 character .WS domain registrations now have a one-time premium registration fee and then regular renewal and transfer pricing thereafter!

.WS is short and unique, especially when you only have 2 or 3 characters in your domain name. Short domain names are some of the most valuable property on the Internet. With this change in pricing, it's now easier for you to invest in a short .WS domain name because renewals and transfer will be at our regular price of just $19.99. Looking for other .WS registration ideas? The .WS registry also recently launched 5-20 character all number domain names for the first time! And, new regular .WS domain registrations cost even less - just $7.99 for the first year! Plus, after you register your favorite .WS domain, you can link it to a sleek and sophisticated website using our website builder! Can you say match made in heaven? Don't wait any longer, take advantage of these great opportunities today!

Please note that our renewal and transfer prices have been updated and are now live. Also, due to an increase in cost from the .WS registry, standard .WS pricing will be $24.99 for renewals and transfer and $8.99 for registrations starting 3/1/16 00:00 PST. The renewal and transfers price reduction does not apply to premium 2 and 3 character .WS domains registered on or before December 22, 2015.

Post by Annabel Maw