Skip Waiting In Line And Get Your .TICKETS Online!

Annabel Maw
Sep 21, 2015

Remember back in the day when people used to wait in line to purchase tickets for their favorite concert or show? Those days are almost long gone, but now there is a new way to get the tickets you want!

With the launch of the .TICKETS gTLD (generic top-level domain), people can now create website names that correspond with the types of tickets they are selling. .TICKETS specifies a website name, helping the world understand that your website means business and is all about tickets. This domain is a great option for local entertainment venues, radio show prizes, charity raffles, or really any business dealing with tickets. The .TICKETS domain extension is also a secure way for people to attain tickets, allowing customers to make purchases online in an easy and speedy way! So skip waiting in line and get your .TICKETS domain online today!

Happy Domaining!

Post by Annabel Maw