Laugh Out Loud with .LOL Today!

Samantha Banks
Aug 11, 2015

Get your smile on, because .LOL has launched and is ready for registration! LOL stands for "laugh out loud" and has become a widely used acronym in text messaging, online chatting, social media, email, and more. With .LOL anyone can make the internet laugh out loud, and post laugh worthy content to a website that stands out as a funny one. .LOL launches on sale today for just $8.99, so take advantage and register soon! Share your comedy online now, and make 'em laugh like there's no tomorrow!

About the .LOL gTLD

This is no laughing matter: .LOL is finally here! LOL has become an international acronym for anything funny - anything that makes you Laugh Out Loud (since that's what it stands for). Now, anyone who wants to share their laughs with the web can do so on a domain that is specific to humor! .LOL is great for comedians, funny blogs, funny videos, or really anything that makes anyone laugh. Lighten up your website and make it stand out amongst the crowd; register your .LOL domain name today and make people LOL tomorrow!

Now, here's a video of a baby LOL-ing hysterically at paper being ripped:

The .LOL sale ends 8/10/16 15:59 UTC, applies to only the 1st year of registration, and does not apply to premium domains.

Happy domaining (and laughing)!

Post by Samantha Banks