Check Yourself Before You .TECH Yourself

Annabel Maw
Jul 29, 2015

Technology is always in the midst of change. Although this is true, some products of technology have been embedded into our culture and earned some serious props. Today we'd like to highlight 3 fun technology ideas to remember the past and celebrate the future of new technology advancements, and of course the registration of new .TECH domains! The .TECH domain is being offered during Early Access, so check it out now and get domaining!


Check Yourself Before You .TECH Yourself : Register for .TECH today - iPhone

Remember way back when, 2011 that is, when the virtual smartphone assistant, Siri, was introduced to the iPhone... Well, we sure do! Siri warmed the hearts of millions of iPhone users with her quick wit, humorous nature, and access to gobs of information. She was a main center of entertainment for iPhone users who wanted to get answers to general, as well as ridiculous questions. Even though Siri has been out for a few years, people haven't forgotten about this spunky smartphone personality.

Internet Image Macro (Meme)

Check Yourself Before You .TECH Yourself : Register for .TECH today- Meme

The classic saying goes "a picture is worth 1000 words", but for a Internet Image Macro (meme), the less words printed on an image, the better! Memes are ways in which people can express funny thoughts through picking a picture and adding in exaggerated spelling errors, witty text, or a catch phrase to add a humorous effect. Print memes have been around for a long while, but Internet memes can be seen and shared instantly - helping all to bask in laughter at any time of the day!

Funny Online Videos

Funny videos have been around for quite some time, like remember that old embarrassing home video your mom got of you? Or the recorded clips from funny TV shows? Ahh yes, it is all coming back now...Even though funny videos have existed for a while, they haven't always been readily accessible up until recent years! Now when we need a quick break or mood boost, we can easily lookup any kind of funny video we want (cough* the cute kitten video you like). It's okay, we won't tell.

Domains registered within the top-level domains (TLDs) Early Access General Availability period are subject to a higher registration price. See price chart below:

Day 1$12,000
Day 2$3,000
Day 3$1,200
Day 4$600
Day 5-7$150

Each day of Early Access General Availability runs from 16:00 UTC to 15:59 UTC.

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