Get Your Nerd on with .SCIENCE, Launching on Sale Today!

Samantha Banks
Feb 24, 2015

Are you ready to concoct your personal or business website? Well with today's launch your website will be smarter than smart. .SCIENCE is waiting for you to start your experiments online! Plus, .SCIENCE is on super-sale, at just $2.99! Read more to find out why .SCIENCE, the most accurate top-level domain (TLD), could be right for your website and get registering today!

About the .SCIENCE gTLD

With .SCIENCE, all science-lovers can rejoice and share experiments, results, theories, and more all in one easy to find place. Since the science industry has expanded so much throughout time, the field is a broad one and can be hard to sort through. .SCIENCE helps scientists, researchers, and nerds alike find the science info they're looking for - and cuts your domain length down since you can take the word "science" out of the domain name! This domain name is great for forums, university science departments, scientists, projects, scientific companies, and more! Take your scientific info the right way with this domain, and register it on sale now!

Register your .SCIENCE on sale for just $2.99!

Good news! This domain is already on sale - you can get your .SCIENCE for just $2.99, no coupon code required! Our sale applies to 1 year registrations only, and applies to all pricing levels. Sale ends 5/24/15 14:59 UTC. Start your .SCIENCE now and save!

.SCIENCE Domain Launch - Register .SCIENCE Domains - Outer Space Stars HD     .SCIENCE Domain Launch - Register .SCIENCE Domains - Undersea HD

Post by Samantha Banks, who especially nerds out about the science of .SPACE and oceanography. Did you know that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the entire planet Earth? And that we know more about space than we do our own oceans? How small do you feel now? :-O