Friday Five: 5 Of Our Favorite Dynadot Website Builder Features

Samantha Banks
Nov 21, 2014

Happy Friday, friends! Today we're giving you the skinny on our new Website Builder, and exposing 5 features that we love, and think you will, too! Of course it was hard to find the 5 best things about our cool new tool, but we've found 5 features that stand out to make our Website Builder a good one to use! Check out these features today and get started on your very own website, you won't be able to resist!

1. Free Features

Favorite Dynadot Website builder Features - Templates

Our first favorite part about Website Builder is the fact that you can build a beautiful website for free. Want to make a website without spending a fortune? No problem! Our free Website Builder can make you a beautiful website, no payments necessary - just set up an account and get going! Website Builder's Basic (free!) plan allows you to use many of the tools, all of the style editor, and gives you five pages to make your site all you want it to be. Choose one of our 6 different templates then upload pictures, write a blog, insert a contact form, and choose your font, et voilà! Presto website.

2. Style Editor

Favorite Dynadot Website Builder Features - Style Editor

Do you want control over the look of your website? Of course you do! Do you want to be able to do (practically) whatever you want with your fonts, photos, backgrounds, headings, and more? Of course you do! Well then, Website Builder is for you! Our flexible style editor allows you to chose from over fifty fonts, a whole rainbow of colors, and lets you upload photos as cover, content, heading, and site backgrounds! With these tools you can make your website you, which is why style editor is on our list! Not to mention, style editor highlights exactly what you'll be changing so you never get lost in "what's a header?" ever again! Great, right? We thought so, too!

3. Code Editor

Favorite Dynadot Website Builder Features - Code Editor

Is style editor just not enough for you? Fair enough! With our code editing tool, you can absolutely customize your website with no limitations (except your coding skills)! For simple linking, photo uploads, video uploads, banner creation, and more, your coding tool makes the sky the limit! If you've got a good grip on the html or CSS ways, you'll love this tool, and will have the website of your dreams as fast as your fingers can type it all out! Plus, you can put your coding modules in line with other components on your site - that means you can have a photo next to an embedded music player with a personally coded design feature right beneath it all! Add the versatility you really want with this awesome tool.

4. Your Domain

Favorite Dynadot Website Builder Features - Domains

When you make a website with us you don't have to worry about registering your domain for an outrageous price! Unlike many other site builders, Dynadot Website Builder allows you to easily link your domain name to your site, or register a new one for standard price. Why spend extra money when you can get a package deal? When you upgrade to Pro or Business packages, you get a free 1 year domain registration as well - it's a steal! Of course this makes our favorite list because we want to save, and we know you do too!

5. Email

Favorite Dynadot Website Builder Features - Email

This is by far our favorite feature - with our Website Builder we offer you a feature that no other site builder can - email. When you register a Business website with us, you get an - this tool makes branding your business even easier! Create as many email accounts as you like, and enjoy as much email storage as you would like! This tool is one that is invaluable - we want to give you the ability to link your domain to every email, and have the feature included in your website building package (instead of buying it through a classic email carrier). Talk about a bargain - get yours now!

Which feature is your favorite? Let us know below!

Happy building!

Post by Samantha Banks, who created her personal website using Dynadot's site builder - check it out!

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May 25, 2015 5:43am
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