Friday Five: 5 Must Have Gadgets To Help Save Energy

Justin Narayan
Apr 11, 2014

It's no secret that saving energy is great for the environment and your pocket books, but it's one of those things that's easier said than done. We're all guilty of forgetting to turn off a light when we leave the room or being too lazy to unplug an unused electronic from time to time. Over time, the amount of energy being wasted is astonishing and it's partly due to those little things we forget to do or are too lazy to do. According to, the U.S alone spends more than $10 billion annually just on energy costs. We know managing your energy consumption can be difficult, but it has become easier over the years with new technology and energy-saving gadgets. If you're looking for a way to conserve your energy usage, these five must have gadgets will help keep you from wasting energy!

1. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest thermostat affixed to display case

Your thermostat controls about half of your energy bill - that's as much as the refrigerator, lighting, TVs, stereos and computers combined. A lot of that energy is being wasted heating and cooling a home even when no one is home. Nest's Learning Thermostat helps you control your thermostat with its simple and smart features. The Nest Learning Thermostat learns what temperatures you like, turns itself down when you're not home, and can be controlled with your phone from anywhere. By logging in to your Nest account online or through the Nest app, you can control your thermostat, adjust schedules and settings, access your energy report, and many other cool features. This thermostat lets you know when you are saving energy by rewarding you with a green leaf icon on the device. Even small changes to your thermostat settings can impact your monthly energy bill. For instance, each degree above 68° F can add three percent to the amount of energy needed for heating, according to the Edison Electric Institute. You can get Nest Learning Thermostat at for $249. Teach it well to stay comfortable at home and save energy when you're away.

2. Belkin Conserve Socket

Three shots of a fuse protector switch
A common way to drain and use energy is leaving electronics plugged into the outlets. Just because a device is left plugged in and not in use, it can still draw power and affect your home's overall energy usage. The Belkin Conserve Socket is the perfect gadget to help you control your energy usage with its convenient energy saving features. The Conserve Socket lets you decide when to turn off power to your devices with its timer. Easily set how long you'll like the plug to stay on for and it'll automatically shut off power after the time interval you select, helping you to use energy more wisely. Get your Belkin Conserve Insight for just $9.99 on

3. Monster MP HT 800G Home Theater PowerCenter

Surge protector power bar
Turning off all your home theater equipment can be a pain every time you turn off the TV, which is why many people don't bother to turn them off at all. Monster's Home Theatre PowerCenter controls your home theater system all on one remote. It allows you to turn on and turn off your TV as well as your other home theater devices with the push of a button. When your TV is off, you don't need your surround sound, game system, receivers, DVD player, and VHS player (if you still have one) all turned on. With The Monster HT 800G PowerCenter with Monster GreenPower, all you need to do plug your TV into the green master plug and plug your other devices into the outlets in the same row. If you have a device that you'd like to stay on, such as a DVR, you can simply plug it into one of the three outlets on the top row, and the DVR will stay on to record programs on your DVR. Your home theater system can now shut down with a push of a button. You can get the Home Theater PowerCenter HT 800G with Monster GreenPower on for $79.99.

4. Leviton Universal Dimmer with Occupancy Sensor

Energy saver light switch

The Leviton’s IPSD6 universal dimming and occupancy sensor is perfect for homes and businesses looking to cut down energy use. Leviton’s universal dimming and motion sensor helps conserve energy and save money in two ways. When you leave the room, the sensors will automatically switch the lights off for you helping you save energy in those times you forget to manually turn it off. This feature is great to have in a home with kids or in a household where forgetting to turn off the light is the norm. When you come back in the room, the sensors detect your presence and will automatically turn the lights on, which is a cool and convenient feature. It also has a built in awesome dimming function allowing you to set the brightness of the lights according to your preference and needs for that specific time. Another amazing feature that further conserves energy is the ambient light override function. This prevents the sensors from automatically turning the lights on when there is enough sunlight to naturally light the room. The Leviton IPSD6 Dimmer with Occupancy Sensor can be found at for as little as $39.99.

5. Poweradd Apollo Solar Charger

Portable power supply and an iPhone

For many of us, charging our mobile devices is a daily routine that can consume a lot of time and energy. Poweradd's Apollo Solar Charger helps reduce your energy consumption by using sunlight to charge your mobile devices and helps you save time with its easy on the go use. Poweradd's Apollo Solar Charger allows you to charge and use your device without being tied to an electrical outlet, making it great for charging phones, tablets, or any rechargeable gadget. It's very easy to use, simply place the charger in sunlight so it can store energy for you to use at anytime. Poweradd's Apollo Solar Charger is great for cutting down your energy consumption and is an environmentally friendly way to charge your devices. The Poweradd Apollo Solar Charger can be found on for only $39.99!

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John Smith
May 3, 2017 6:21am
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