You Asked For It & We Answered: We Now Support Google Authenticator!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 14, 2014

Two factor authentication has been an important part of our domain account security for several years. Our two factor authentication allows our customers to secure their account with more than just their password. Until now, we've offered both a SMS (text) option for customers without a smartphone and our own Dynadot token app for those with a smartphone, but after several requests we've decided to add support for Google Authenticator! Now, anyone with a smartphone can download the Google Authenticator app - as well as any other authenticator app - to add extra security to their Dynadot account.

Google Authenticator works similarly to our Dynadot token app. Once you link it to your Dynadot account, it gives you a "token" to enter to unlock your account. This token is a group of unique numbers generated for use with your account for a limited time. This adds an extra layer of security beyond your account password and your "birthday." Since Google Authenticator supports multiple accounts, you'll be able to recognize your Dynadot account by the label, "Dynadot:username." This means you can also set it up for use with multiple Dynadot accounts - you just need to know your usernames!

To get started, follow these steps for adding Google Authenticator to your Dynadot account today!

(And please don't follow the advice of Steve Carell in the meme above! In addition to using Google Authenticator to keep your account secure, you should also use a good password! Check out these password tips.)

Post by Robyn Norgan