Most Common Mistakes When Transferring a Domain

Dec 8, 2013

Guess what? This week is "Transfer Week" for our December Daily Deals! Thinking about switching registrars? Perhaps you've heard great reviews about our products and our customer service. Maybe you're searching for a company that provides lower prices (& awesome transfer coupons!). Or, it could just be that your existing domain registrar doesn't support your needs. Whatever the reason, Dynadot welcomes you and we also want to provide some helpful tips to make your transfer process go smoothly.

There are a few things you want to review before you transfer your domains to Dynadot. First, you need to verify that your domain is eligible to transfer. The most common reason why transfers are rejected is because the domain is less than 60 days old. Newly registered domains can't be transferred until the "Registration Lock" period is over.  A transfer will also be denied if the domain was recently transferred to your current registrar. Newly transferred domains also can't be moved to another provider until 60 days after the transfer date. Furthermore, make sure your domain isn't expired. Registrars will generally deny transfer requests if the names aren't active. We always suggest starting the transfer process 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration date of your domain to help prevent any issues.

After you've established that your domain is qualified, double-check that it's unlocked with your current registrar. Domains can't be transferred until the "Registrar Lock" status is removed. How to remove the lock depends on your provider, but their support team should be able to assist you if you have any questions. Another thing you'll want to retrieve form them is the authorization code (also known as the EPP code).  Almost every domain extension requires an authorization code.

Most people assume submitting a transfer order and completing the payment is all that needs to be done; however, an additional step must be taken. Every domain transfer request needs to be authorized. Our system will send an authorization email to the listed Whois registrant or admin contact, so this means both contacts must be valid. You can perform a Whois lookup if you're unsure which email address is being used. If you have a privacy or proxy service enabled on the domain, you may need to disable it it ensure the authorization email gets delivered to you.

You'll know that your transfer has been successfully initiated when you receive the "Transfer Initiated" email from The domain should be added to your Dynadot account 6 days after your receive that confirmation.

Transfer your domains to Dynadot today! Don't have an account? Create an account for free and then check out our December Daily Deals to save on your transfer today!

This post is written by Candice, one of our awesome customer service representatives.