لقد انتهت صلاحية نطاقي!هل هناك فترة سماح لتجديد الصلاحية؟

Most likely, the answer is yes. A "Renewal Grace Period" is the time during which a domain owner can renew an expired domain. Most domain extensions offer a renewal grace period of up to 40 days. For example, this is the life-cycle of .COM, which has a 40-day renewal grace period:

  • 2015/05/01 - Your domain is registered
  • 2016/05/01 - Your domain expires
  • 2016/05/01 - 2016/05/31 Renewal Grace Period (renewals are regular renewal price)
  • 2016/05/31 - 2016/06/10 Renewal Grace Period (renewals include a $10 late renewal fee + regular renewal price)
  • 2016/06/10 - 2016/07/10 Redemption Period

To see the renewal grace period of each of our domain extensions, visit our TLD page and look at the "Renew (Grace Period/days)" column.

If you do not renew during the grace period, the domain will be deleted and would no longer be controlled by Dynadot. This is known as the "Redemption Period," which is typically 30 days. If you wish to re-claim the domain, the process will be more expensive and time-consuming, as Dynadot will be required to submit paperwork and payment to the central registry. Our restore prices are listed on our individual TLD pages under the "Domain Information" section. Please note that most of this money goes straight to the central registry. Domains in redemption can only be restored by the current registrant and only with the listed registrar.

وبعد انتهاء فترة الاسترداد بحوالي 5 أيام، سيحذف النطاق من السجل المركزي ويصبح متاحاً للعامة. وتباع النطاقات بأولوية الحجز. وستباع النطاقات القيمة في وقت أسرع.

استثناءان مهمان:

  • بعض امتدادات النطاقات لا تقدم فترة سماح لتجديد الصلاحية و/أو فترة استرداد، أو تقدمهما بفترات مختلفة. يرجى استخدام الروابط أعلاه للتحقق من الامتداد الخاص بك.
  • Some expired domains will be sold at auction in the Expired Auctions in our Marketplace. If this is the case with your domain, there will be no redemption period; though you will still have your full renewal grace period to renew before the domain is lost entirely.

The best way to preserve your domain name is to set up auto-renew or renew early. Auto-renew will automatically renew your domain (as long as your payment method goes through) and with early renewals, no time is lost. Using either method can save a lot of future headaches. Keeping your contact information up-to-date is also important as Dynadot will send all expiration notice emails to the address on file. You can also set up a separate renewal email.

لمزيد من المعلومات حول عملية انتهاء صلاحية النطاق بالكامل، انقر هنا.