What are the variables that I can use for my Website Builder shopping cart's order notification emails?

Our Website Builder's shopping cart offers sellers four custom order email templates to send to customers who purchase from their store. You can use variables within these templates that will fill in information automatically for you. They include:

  • {store.name}: This will input the store name you entered in the "General" section of our commerce editor.
  • {order.orderId}: Our system automatically assigns each order a number. This will input the order number within the email.
  • {order.refundAmount}: Мы рекомендуем использовать эту переменную как в письмах «заказ отменен», так и в письмах «возврат средств для заказа выполнен», поскольку в них должна быть указана сумма возврата.
  • {order.orderTime}: This variable will stamp each order with a date and time based on the time zone selected under "General" and "Standards and formats" within the commerce editor.

How do I edit my order emails?