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"SARL" stands for Société à responsabilité limitée and is the French language version of LLP, or limited liability partnership. With a .SARL domain, you can brand your business as a private limited liability corporation online. .SARL is tailored to the French business world - the term is used in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Macao, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Madagascar, and Lebanon. Registering your .SARL domain name will give you a strong, marketable website and connect you to customers and business partners alike.




This TLD supports premium domains. Please note that premium domains have different pricing.

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Protect Your Brand with a .SARL Domain

Now is the time to add to your business's web presence by registering your .SARL domain name. If you classify your business as a SARL, the .SARL domain can be a great identifier for your customers. If you don't want to create a new website, you can simply forward your new domain to your existing website with our free domain forwarding service.

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International .SARL Domains

Looking for an internationalized domain name (IDN)? You can register .SARL in many languages other than English. Go to our IDN search page to see the full list of supported langauges and to find the right international .SARL domain for you!

Domain Information

UsageFrench Business Websites
Renewal Grace Period40 Days
Deletion Grace Period5  Days
Restore Period30  Days
Privacy AllowedYes
IDN SupportedYes, See Languages
DNSSEC SupportedYes
RegistryDonuts Inc.
Wikipedia EntryWikipedia
Registration Price (1 year)$25.99
Renewal Price (1 year)$25.99
Transfer Price$25.99
Restore Price$99.99

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