Dec 18, 2012


Domain Hacks = Fun Domain Name Opportunities!

Domain Hacks Fun Domain Names

A domain hack is a domain that combines the domain name with the top-level domain (TLD) to spell out a word or saying such as ComeWith.ME. There are many examples of domain hacks that create words including Time Magazine's ti.me, Google's goo.gl, Instagram's instagr.am, and YouTube's youtu.be. With so many country code domains (ccTLDs) out there, there is no shortage of domain hacks you can register if you get creative.

Now I don't like that they call it a "domain hack," so instead I refer to them as "fun domains" because well, that's kind of what they are. To me, it's a fun challenge to see what words you can form with the TLDs that are available. If you grew up playing any kind of word games, you'll love figuring out what words you can spell out using TLDs at the end. But if you aren't that great at word games or if you need a little help coming up with ideas, let me let you in on a little secret: wordfind.com. This website lets you look up words ending in, for example, me and it's great for cheating at Scrabble or Words with Friends (which I of course never do, I'm just saying you can).

Here are a few words I found for the TLDs on our list made into a random little story:

I was watching a sit.com with a glass of caber.net, when a commercial came on with a dancing cyb.org. I turned down the loud volu.me (since they always increase it for commercials) and listened to it's cla.im was that this program could teach you to dance as fabulo.us as anyone in show.biz. I wasn't so sure. I turned off the TV, bidding adi.eu to my show for the night. I changed into my ro.be and grabbed my computer off the man.tel. My homepage featured an ad alongsi.de the ne.ws, which featured a discounted vil.la in Moroc.co, which was tempting. Instead I clicked on my email and entered my user.name and password. I opened an email from my friend Jasm.in th.at was about getting together for the upcoming fant.asia we had tickets to. I wrote back and al.so suggested a meeting place by the theater. Then I closed my computer and went to sleep.

Okay, okay so the story may not be my best work, but you get the idea (and if you need more ideas click through on each domain hack to see what other words end with that TLD). Now you're probably thinking that most - if not all - of these one word domain hacks are already taken, and that may be true, but if you get creative you can still find your diamond in the rough. Try adding additional words to create a saying or even doing a clever misspelling. Either way, you can have some fun coming up with your next perfect domain name in the process.

Author Robyn Norgan holding a smartphone
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who loves playing Scrabble and Words with Friends, though Boggle - and now Scramble with Friends - is even better!
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Max Denovan  Feb 18, 2013 4:36am  
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