How do I change the font, color, and size of my website's content in your Website Builder?

To change the font, size, color, and more of your website's content text in our Website Builder, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Dynadot account.
  2. Select “My Websites” from the left-side menu bar.
  3. Click on the "edit" link next to the website builder you want to use.
  4. Click on the "Design" icon (the one that looks like a paint brush) on the left-hand tool bar.
  5. Under the "Content" section of our style editor, click on "Text."
  6. The text editor for your website's content will pop up giving you the following options: color, font, size, weight (light, normal, bold), style (normal, italic, oblique), letter spacing, line height, and allow you to easily "transform" your text into all uppercase, all lowercase, and all first letter capitalization. Please note that the changes you make here will apply to all content on your website. There are also changes you can make within your content when you click into the area of text you want to change.
  7. You should see your changes show as you make them.
  8. To save your changes, simply click out of the editor and then click "Save" at the top of the page.

You can also set up different headers to be used on your site under "Header 1," "Header 2," and "Header 3" in the same section.