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a_r_petach_tikva_il posted:
when i try to ser_privacy=on using API v3 (xml), i use this https request:
i get the following error:
"doesn't have privacy for this domain or the privacy was expired. Please to purchase/renew the privacy first."
also tried with option=off, same error...
any help?
ReplyQuote8/21/2013 08:37
teamdynadot posted:
The 'Set Privacy' command can be used to turn on and off the existing privacy service service for a domain.  It cannot be used to add the service.
ReplyQuote8/25/2013 17:57
Will this feature ever be added to the API? The ability to purchase and set the privacy?
ReplyQuote6/8/2017 06:16
Ooops, we're so sorry for the late reply! We do have this added to our feature request list, so hopefully in the near future.
ReplyQuote8/16/2017 16:40