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List DNS Records via API
6/6/2021 01:10
I'm trying to implement Dynadot services via API. I'm already using it to get my domains through the list_domains function.
I saw there's a set_dns2 function and many more but I didn't found and function to get the list of all DNS Records of a specified domain.
Will be available?

Thank you
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6/25/2021 17:27
Hey there, We apologize for the delay. We unfortunately do not have an API command to list the current DNS records for a domain name. We only
have a 'get name server' command, but it will not display individual DNS records. What I can do is escalate this for potentially exploring this
feature in the future.
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9/20/2021 11:41
I am interested in a 'get_dns' records API command as well. I have seen various requests of this, on this forum, multiple times. When can the devs implement something like this? Your competitors already have similar API calls.
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teamdynadot replied cybertronics540 :9/22/2021 22:54
Hi, thanks for bringing it to us. The feature has been added to the list already. We will check with the team to see when it will be available.
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11/15/2022 12:19
It's the same for me. As I think, it's a must-have feature. In particular, its absence makes the API even stranger and more unintuitive.
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teamdynadot replied a_b_nizhny_novgorod_ru :11/21/2022 21:52
The command is available to the public already. You can check it here:
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