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jackie posted:
I was browsing the forum. You staff responded in this thread ( that there was a rate limit o f 10 requests per 100 second for one domain. But in a newer post at, your answer was there was no rate limit.

So which answer is correct? Did you remove the rate limit for making API calls in 2012?

If there is any rate limit, it's applied to one API key or one IP address?
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teamdynadot posted:
The only limit currently in place for our API is that you wait for your request to complete before sending the next.    :)
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dust replied teamdynadot :
Is this policy still true in 2019?  Thanks!
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teamdynadot replied dust :
Yes, it is.
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teamdynadot says: Yes, it is.

still same policy ?
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ajt posted:
Hi, I've been testing a script using the API and my account has been banned for 10 minutes for abuse, but I am only sending a request 1 second after the last response. Is there definitely no limit to the amount of requests you can send? Thanks
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dust replied ajt :
I suspect I know what happened.  

I bet you ran your script, made some change, then hit Control-C or otherwise killed your script, and ran it again.  While killing the script ended processing on your end, the dynadot server was still working on the previous request.  So running it again then created a 2nd request at the same time thus the ban.

During peak times it seems like dynadot API times out server side at 10 seconds then returns an error to client.  So if you cancel a script, wait 11 seconds before running it again.

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ajt replied dust :
Thanks for the advice. That could very well be it, I was refreshing the script quite a bit during testing but I've had the script running for a while now that I've finished writing it and it seems OK
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