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col_us posted:

You have already said multiple time during the years that Domain Privacy Addition is planned for the API. I understand that everything has priorities but now that Domain Privacy is free it makes even more sense to support it on domain purchases (at least).

ReplyQuote4/2/2018 02:15
teamdynadot posted:
Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the API3 has the Set Privacy Command after the domain is registered. Do you mean to add privacy and domain registration at the same time using one API command please?
ReplyQuote4/3/2018 01:03
col_us replied teamdynadot :
Yes, if we could have something like that would be great.

Thanks for the fast reply!
ReplyQuote4/3/2018 10:28
teamdynadot replied col_us :
Thanks for the confirmation. I am not sure if that could be implements since that's two commands at the same time and our API allows one command running at one time. I will forward it to our engineer team and see if it is possible.
ReplyQuote4/11/2018 00:09
col_us replied teamdynadot :
Even if it has to be done using two commands it would be useful.

Currently we don't have a way to "purchase" the privacy service for domain through the API, we can only set the privacy level.
ReplyQuote4/13/2018 06:34
teamdynadot replied col_us :
Ohh, I see. I will forward the message to the team and see if that could be added to our feature list. Sorry for the confusion.
ReplyQuote4/16/2018 01:27
teamdynadot replied col_us :
Thanks again for the patience while we investigate the request. Currently it won't be easy for us to add the feature to our API. It has been added to our feature list though and we will see if we could implement that in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience that may cause.
ReplyQuote4/18/2018 02:48