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9/30/2009 10:31
Selling these names for cheap price of

$30 each

$18 each for

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10/1/2009 14:49
Please beware of this seller.
If you say that you buy a domainname, he changes his mind.
That happenned to me with a dotteldomain.
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10/2/2009 09:45

You paid me nearly 25 days after the deal was finalized. No communication during all this time. I got an offer at different forum, so i sold it.

Did you tell me that you are going to pay or wait for me? You just posted SOLD on the forum, did you reply to my msg for those many days?

Also, I communicated you that i have sold it. Offered you names or asked you whether you want refund? I refunded the money also. What else do you want from me?

Isn't that ethical? Why to warn ppl unnecessarily?
Isn't 25 days too much of a wait time? For me it's almost 1/12 th of the total registration time.

If you paid me and then I sold it to different person, then i would have accepted your argument. Also a msg could have been sufficient for me to hold off that name for 25 days.

I could have also posted similar msg on your posts within those 25 days, But i did not.

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10/2/2009 09:54

Here is the detail of the transaction with timeline.
Domainshopper: You can tell the world if this is wrong.

Date Posted: Sep 2, 2009 4:43pm
Slideshow SOLD



Date Posted: Sep 3, 2009 9:11am

thanks, message sent with payment details.


25 DAYS Went by without any communication from the buyer.
All of a sudden I saw payment in my paypal, I communicated back to the buyer.


Sep. 28, 2009 Payment Received via Paypal
Sept 28, 2009 Sent message to domainshopper


I got a payment from you. But unfortunately it was too late.

I have these names remaining.

If you want them let me know, else i will refund the money.

Also I have these up for offers -

Let me know.
Yes, and one morething they all are at



Sep. 30, 2009 Refund issued

Did I do anything wrong here. I am here to sell names. Not steal money. I logon almost every day and have been doing good domaining on other forums.

If you don't feel comfortable dealing with me send me message I will give you my name on different forum, where you can check my validity and trust level by sending me a msg there.

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[This post has been edited by n_z_jersey_city_us on Oct 2, 2009 10:00am.]
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10/2/2009 14:00

I didn't know or check how much time
was between my first posting SOLD and the actual 2nd PM I sent you about payment that I would do. I was in a lot of stress the last weeks.
So I withdraw my comment about "do not buy from this seller". My sincere apologies that so much time was between my two PMS.
However : You could have sent a REMINDER and write to me that you got another offer, BEFORE you sold on another forum, because I was first to post SOLD.
You never know if somebody is ill or whatever, or is in a lot of other work, and forgets something. I had also a problem with my email : I couldn't reach my emails for several days. But I DID renew domains at Dynadot, while this was the case. So I would have seen a reminder.
BEFORE you would sell at another forum that domain, you could have sent THEN a reminder, and urged me to pay ASAP or you would sell to the other, and I would have done that !

Indeed you tried to give a compromise (but AFTER you sold to somebody else) : you proposed other possible domains, (that sadly didn't interest me), but if you had sent a reminder, I would have responded ASAP, and payed.
I didn't check yet if the money has been refunded, but I presume you will have done that as you write.

And thanks that you admit that  "I could have also posted similar msg on your posts within those 25 days, But i did not."


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[This post has been edited by domainshopper on Oct 2, 2009 2:27pm.]
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10/2/2009 14:30
If you want I delete everything written above.
Do the same and we can be back in business.
Everybody sometimes makes a mistake.

This thread should be deleted or you can post a new one, because now it's ruining your sale of your domains.
Begin a new thread for your sale, or delete here.
Is that a deal ?
PM me on that.

Sincere Greetings

[This post has been edited by domainshopper on Oct 2, 2009 2:31pm.]
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10/2/2009 23:00
I dont want this thread deleted!

Having been a 100% seller on eBay for 10 years, I have run into similiar situations a few times, where person bought the item, then didnt pay me for nearly a month -- in fact, each time it was only when I took up the issue with ebay management or paypal did they finally pay, bitching and moaning some excuses all the time.

It's totally BS and very poor ethics to attempt to discredit Jersey city in the beginning of this thread, as you have done domainstopper I mean shopper, then when the truth comes out you want all the thread to be deleted. It is YOU we should all watch out for, my friend.

'Nuff Said!
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10/3/2009 05:19
Thanks b_godzilla_us for your support.

DomainShopper, all the things that you expect from me, I would have loved to do that, if you would have replied me back after I sent you payment details. Since I was the last one to send you message, it doesn't make sense for me to followup or notify you on the deal that hasn't yet finalized.

This forum as I have seen, is not strictly moderated.
+ No buy-sell rules are setup up

So just posting SOLD, doesn't mean it's a deal. In real world scenario, you just said "I will buy". I asked you for payment, you didn't come back to me. I served my next customer.

If you would have given me down payment for the deal(in our case - just a msg that you will pay in xx days) would hold me responsible for completing the deal.

After that I have communicated all the details to you on PM.

- I asked you if you want some other names instead or refund your money, right?
- I refunded the money w/o any delay and notified you few minutes after I issued a refund.
- You didn't even check if I have refunded the money back, even after I notified that by PM.
- As you said you renewed few names at dynadot, but didn't see my msg. IN Account area first notification you see is about unread inbox messages. So what's the point in Posting SOLD on a forum and not checking if seller has sent you any other details? Still you expect me to notify about proceedings about things you haven't bought yet?

And still you found time to spoil my thread and my credibility?

Now you see yourself at loss, you want to delete this thread? So what do you want to hide from people? TRUTH?

Anyways, guys, I think it's all discussed here. You can see who has done what. I will continue with the thread -

Reducing prices

Selling these names for cheap price of

$25 each

$15 each for

They are all at (free push)
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10/4/2009 05:33

(NOTE : CAPITALS are used instead of BOLD. They don't mean shouting in the below posting).

You said : "You didn't even check if I have refunded the money back, even after I notified that by PM".
That's because I trust what you were writing was true.

And IT IS SO THAT I don't want to hide anything.
I want simply go back to getting "normal" between us. The point is that if I remove my posting "beware", the thread becomes unreadable for others and then it only seems that I'm to blame.
There has to be mutual agreement, otherwise it seems that only I am to blame.
(Note : A 100% positive on Ebay is not a guarantee. I lost some years ago 750 USD to an Ebayer with 100% positives).

You didn't send reminder, and I had troubles logging into my emails and was not feeling well, and it didn't slip my mind (because I actually payed without you even sending a reminder. OKE I payed 25 days after posting SOLD, but there are reasons why).

That I didn't react immediately on your firt message is true, but you could have sent reminder.

I payed WITHOUT YOU SENT a REMINDER. Maybe a bit later then usually is the case.
But if you had send a reminder I would have reacted sooner.

The point is that I already openned you PM, with payment detalis, but due to a problem with creditcard at THAT VERY DAY and FEW DAYS later,so I delayed the payment a bit. SO I didn't see "NEW MESAGES", when I logged in, because you didn't send any remindermessage. ONLY AFTER I PAYED you commented or PM'd to say you sold to someone else, and tried to solve the problem with sending other domains (what I appreciated), and then sent money money back (what I appreciate).
What I find sad is that the fact that I TRUST what you write here (your refund), you seem to interpret that as a NEGATIVE point.  

THAT "SOLD" isn't an agreement here, because on this forum there are "no rules", IS SOMETHING I DIDN'T KNOW BEFORE.

Anyhow, sad to see you won't reconciliate,
Case closed, I won't remove my message, as you ask me not too, and you don't see my previous message as a message to reconciliate.
If you do want to reconciliate, please PM me or reply.

[This post has been edited by domainshopper on Oct 4, 2009 5:37am.]
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10/4/2009 10:32
Since it looked like you are not paying, i didn't feel that i should send reminder as no deal was finalized.

Also, reminding was not part of the deal.

One more thing, it's not that I do not want to reinstantiate. But the thing is you do not want to apologize for spoiling my thread in this way.

I don't regret about this thread not getting any offers because of this. But at least, I want to show the world that what you said is totally wrong. FYI, nobody waits for 25 days. And reminding wasn't an option when I did not have any word from you. Remember, it was me who sent you last message. Sending Reminder is an additional service you are demanding.
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10/6/2009 08:12
It doesn't matter if you sent last communication, because it was also "your first communication, before I did the payment". The payment was only a bit late because of circumstantces, but I DID pay even you didn't sent a reminder. This proofs BTW that my bid was not done with the intention not to pay.

Sending a reminder is standard procedure on nearly most forums or ebay, if somebody who puts SOLD doesn't pay in a couple of days or a week or so.
Anyhow, I would dot that.

I apolagize to write here in this thread this, but not apolagizing for the content, because you don't want to reconciliate, and don't understand reasons.

Sorry it is that way.
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