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l_f_bellevue_us posted:

Big picture goal: I'm trying to move my Blogger blog to a new domain. Right now my blog is at and it will be going to www.corbden.

Zooming in: Before I do that, I'm testing in reverse before I make the change "in production." So the blog is still at, and I'm testing to see if URLs will point there. It is my impression that if I make a CNAME record going from >>, it should redirect the full URL, not just the domain. What's happening now is (with the CNAME record), goes to a Google Error and keeps the same URL (including domain name) in the address bar. It's not doing either behavior I expected, neither resolving to the root of nor loading the full URL at the domain. Somehow we're getting to google (blogger) but not to the NOR to, where the actual content is. i.e. the redirect only seems to be partially happening. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Never mind. I think the issue is that Google (Blogger) is not doing what it should to allow the CNAME to redirect to the right path. And a 301 FORWARD won't work, because that resolves to the root of the domain, not the full URL. I think I'm going to have to copy the blog, move it, recreate the blog at the old domain, import the old blog, then create a a redirect header (hopefully I can just do one that will apply to every page).
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teamdynadot posted:
HI I’m glad you were able to find a solution for this. As you were able to see, forwarding the whole website is not possible as you can only forward the root.
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