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a_d_oakland_us posted:
I'm having trouble getting my naked domain working when using SSL.

I've set up the naked domain to forward to `` using a Forward record (I did this in order to use MX records which point to my email provider). The `www` subdomain points to a CloudFront host via a CNAME record, and SSL termination is setup via CloudFront.

I can connect to my site at:

does not work.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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Same problem here.  Any update?
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teamdynadot posted:
The issue sometimes are related with the ssl type. If you are using alpha ssl, you could try contacting alpha ssl and see if they could help address the issue:
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Everything is on AWS, including SSL.
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Thanks for your follow up. Did you contact Alphassl about the issue? The issue could be different according to the server you use for your domain and ssl certificate. Here is the link which you could click to contact Alphassl for further assistance:
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