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c_j_london_gb_4 posted:
I successfully connected my email to Microsoft Exchange a few weeks ago by changing the DNS setting. I was able to send and receive message from [email protected] through my Microsoft Account.
I then built my website on Dynadot and had to change the DNS settings to "Dynadot Site Builder". But that stopped my email access from Microsoft Office.

Whatever I do it seems like I can't have both : DNS settings for my email and DNS setting to publish the website I built through Dynadot.
Is there a way to have both ? I just upgraded the website builder but if that cuts my email access, I paid for nothing as I can't use it.
ReplyQuote11/18/2018 00:52
Can I get an answer please ? Is it possible to have both or did I pay the service for nothing ?

Thank you
ReplyQuote11/24/2018 02:01
Our apologies for the delay. Yes, you can have connect your domain with our sitebuilder while using Microsoft email. You can point your domain to our sitebuilder IP:,, and set up MX record from Microsoft using our DNS.
ReplyQuote12/15/2018 01:02
johnbee posted:
i experience the same problem as of Feb 2023. Thanks for having raised this issue
ReplyQuote2/2/2023 01:43
teamdynadot replied johnbee :

We sincerely apologise for the delayed response!

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Please rest assured, you can connect your domain with our Website builder while using Microsoft email.

Your DNS Settings need to be set up in accordance to the two help files below.

How do I connect my domain with my Website Builder using DNS?

How do I set up my MX records so I can use my domain email if I'm using DNS?

This will allow you to both link your domain to the Website builder and add Microsoft’s MX records.

We hope this will help resolve the problem, but if you still experience issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via chat or our email [email protected], and we will look into this further.

Have a great day!

Best regards,
Dynadot Support Team
ReplyQuote3/28/2023 09:12