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g_l_brasilia_br posted:
what happened to my domain?

are you kidding me????


've sent an email to:

and had no response yet, over 24 hours.

I tried contact through the chat, but not reported anything. Shit!
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I paid for the domain and want him working!!

My site is down, I paid for it!!
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Question: dynadot will restore my injury?
Dynadot  Jul 31 2014 11:57am
Hello. A manager is dealing with your issue.
Customer  Jul 31 2014 11:59am
man, I'm waiting for more than a day
Customer  Jul 31 2014 11:59am
'm having injury
Customer  Jul 31 2014 12:00pm
and have not received any contact.
paid and have no assistance
Customer  Jul 31 2014 12:02pm
suspended my domain without any prior notice
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Dynadot sucks in customer service!!!!
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see it:
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teamdynadot posted:
Your domain is on hold for abuse. The abuse manager is investigating the complaint against your domain and can only be reached by email. You can email for more information or wait for the manager's response. We will let the abuse manager know you are waiting for an update.
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you are a shit! I have sent emails to more than 6, and You know how many answered me? No one! I'm waiting more than 48 hours a fucking information. Meanwhile my site is down, damaging all my work and SEO. and now you tell me I need to send more emails? fuck!
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I want a fucking solution!
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staff dynadot are a bunch of assholes! fuck!
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teamdynadot posted:
We sent you several emails regarding why your domain was disabled.  Prior to disabling the domain, we gave you several days to remove the illegal material in question, however, as I noted, we never received a response.  

We can post the content of the emails if you want, but that might not be in your best interest, so you may want to not post about this issue publicly and respond to our emails.
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domaincheck posted:
My domain too

Domains (3)     Expiration      Registered      DNS Settings    Admin Email     Folder  Note    Registrant          2021/01/17      2015/01/17      NS:                   Whois Host Privacy Inc. HoldDisabled  2021/12/23      2013/12/23      NS:                   Whois Host Privacy Inc. HoldDisabled       2029/10/19      1999/10/19      NS:                   Whois Host Privacy Inc. HoldDisabled    

Do you know how much i pay for this domain?
and yoi steal my domain dynadot?


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Our records show the management team advised in their email about the reason. If you have any further concerns or questions, please feel free to email
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